Refund Policy

The Bindas Jobs – Employer pact

While we strive to find your right candidate, we are also working hard to ensure that millions of jobseekers find a better job to move ahead in life. To ensure that, we hope you can support us by:

  1. Clear job description will all necessary details
  2. Inform us once you hire and,
  3. Sincere feedback on the candidate’s performance is appreciated


Refund Cases

  1. Immediate Refund

Your refund will be made with no questions asked for the following cases

  • Issue due to Product
    • Extremely low number of applications
    • Call-connect failure resulting in no calls from jobseekers
    • Large number of irrelevant applications don’t match the screening criteria you had set through our initial set of questions
    • Very few number of applicants suit your specific requirements
    • Contact number unavailable for any applicant even after unlock
  • Issue due to Sales
    • Failure guaranteed to do so
    • Requirements not fulfilled in the applicants shortlisted for you
    • Unable to fulfill due to low availability of candidates that suit your requirement or is in a job category that is not listed with us
    • to deliver on promise to help you hire the right person after our sales person
  • Issue due to Support
    • If the support team fails to follow up with you for over a week


  1. Refund at our discretion

In any one of the following cases*, the decision to refund will be made at the company’s discretion after further consultation and thorough understanding of the issue.

  • Request for a skill that does not qualify our screening questions
  • Request for candidates from a specific religion, caste or race
  • Request for a candidate who speaks a specific non-local language
  • Salary quote is lower than the salary mentioned in the job description
  • Request for a candidate who can live at a place of your choice

*Refund at our discretion includes the above mentioned scenarios but not limited to it.


  1. No Refund

Refund will not be made in any circumstance in the following cases

  • Change in job description after the job has been promoted (e.g. lower salary, additional skills etc.)
  • Commission based salary instead of fixed monthly
  • If money was received in advance from the applicants for any reason


Refund Eligibility

All refund requests must be raised within 15 days from purchase of plan and sent via email to