The Boss and You

The Boss and You

When you start working, the first thing you get is a boss, the person who is going to play a very significant part in your life – of more significance than your parents, your siblings and even your spouse/partner. The names will change, the gender will change, the size, shape and character will change – but the ‘boss’ as the who holds the fate of your career in your hands remains a constant, until the day that you become the boss. But then, unless you become an entrepreneur, you will always have a boss.

Our entire working life is spent in not only doing our job – but also managing our bosses. Both are full-time activities. In fact, your job (quality, quantity etc) is a function of how you manage your boss.

All those who have been working know the importance of being in the ‘good books’ of the boss. This means that you have to maintain amicable relations with that person. You can fight with your parents and get away with it; you can fight with your children and stil be on speaking terms with them next morning; you can even fight with your spouse and carry on; but if you fight with your boss, you have to prepared for consequences.

Since most of us spend great deal of time at our places of work, it stands to reason that we spend a great deal of time with our bosses. Even if she is not physically present, she is there via text messages, via chat, via messaging services, via calls and voice mails and so on.

Getting the boss to like you; appreciate your work; give you all the important work in the office; recommending you for prestigious assignments and projects and then ultimately give you a fat bonus and a substantial salary increment – all these are things that we dream about.

So how do we get a dream boss?

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